Medical device database


GBI DEVINT is an intelligence system covering China’s med-tech market. Data can be screened by pre-defined or customized product categories, enabling easy tracking of pipeline movements, product registrations for a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape. An essential tool for medical device and diagnostic reagent enterprises, users gain a real-time picture of market access dynamics through national and regional product bidding data, including price monitoring and bidding trends.

Amid a constantly changing regulatory environment, GBI DEVINT provides a foundation for medical device players to execute successful decision-making with clear and transparent competitive landscape information and market access data.


  • Minimize risks and devise more targeted strategies through insight into competitor dynamics
  • Product pricing insight and reimbursement trend analysis to guarantee competitive marketing strategies
  • Establish a clear picture of the pace and practical operational requirements for registration filings based on competitor products
  • Maintain a clear view of future industry trends and opportunities through real-time news tracking

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