Global drug data

What is SOURCE

GBI SOURCE is a global pharmaceutical database that covers the entire product lifecycle. The aim is to provide professionals and executives from all sectors of the life sciences industry with a standardized data language, providing a 360° perspective over the Chinese pharmaceutical competitive landscape and the data necessary for critical decision-making, based on global industry news, policy interpretation, competitive intelligence, and analytical tools.

Data is integrated and linked by product and company to give a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the competitive landscape. Stay current with SOURCE news reports, interviews, policy tracking, and analysis.

SOURCE is a must-have resource for any company working in the pharma and biotech industries.

Product sales and end-user analysis for real-world market landscape

With real-world business data from in-hospital, retail Rx and O2O channels, continuous monitoring of full product range and monthly updates, we provide users with core information including regional drug sales, operations data, marketing approaches, end-user analysis, new retail strategies (bricks-and-mortar & online) among other key datasets. Unlock macro trends in the treatment field and carry out targeted marketing with clarity.


  • Research and evaluate competitor pipelines and portfolios
  • Screen and carry out due diligence on potential licensing and investment opportunities
  • Develop market access strategies according to pricing and reimbursement trends
  • Global drug pricing and market access strategies
  • In-hospital and retail Rx + O2O multi-channel business data, for the real-world market landscape
  • Identify market size and forecast potential via hospital tendering data

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